Brandoni Mod 65W

The Mod 65W is now in Ireland and we will be delighted to hear from any Piano Accordion players who are interested in trying out this great accordion.


It is light and compact and with its' 3 Voice setup the sound is not compromised. The compact size of the Mod 65W makes it very easy for travelling to sessions and gigs at home and abroad.


The Mod 65W is made from solid mahogany. It is available in natural mahogany or can also be stained black depending on the customers' preference.  The Brandoni models can also be further personalised in a Gold or Silver finish.


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Click here to listen to the Mod 65 being played by some of our Customers


Now Available for €4,250


Liberty Model

  • 65W.liberty.grille
  • 65W.liberty.silver
  • 65WLIsilver_chiusa
  • ET.Mod65W



Classic Model

  • 65W.classic.standard
  • 65WCLmogano_standard2
  • DSC_0088
  • DSC_0090