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At E.T. Music, we are introducing a novel method for purchasing your beloved new accordion. 

You now have the option to purchase your brand new accordion and split the payments into two parts over a period of up to 12 months. Once you have made the first part of the payment through our Online Shop, we will work with you on deciding when you would like to receive delivery of your new instrument. If you would like more information about this novel purchase option, please contact us.

All instruments available as a Flexi Payment option can be found by going to our Online Shop.

Keelan McGrath enjoyed trying out the new 2 Voice Brandoni Meg recently.

Have a listen. Don't forget to contact us if you would like more information on these fine accordions.



Paul Finn called in to check out the new Brandoni Heather 2 voice Button Accordion which is available now from E.T. Music

We were very excited to receive the first Brandoni Button accordions to Ireland. Have a listen for yourself.


E. T. Music have now introduced the 2 Row Diatonic Collection from Brandoni & Sons into Ireland 

 Browse through this section to find out more information about the models


There are currently two models available in the Diatonic Collection

These models are offered in 2 Voice or 3 Voice

Both models are 23 buttons with 8 Bass Buttons

Each model can be optimised to customer requirements and are available in a broad combination of tunings

Various Bass layouts can also be catered for at time of ordering.




Gary recently purchased the Piccolo Model from us and is very happy with it.  Gary kindly recorded a tune on the accordion to demonstrate the box.



Contact Us for more information

Michael English collected his brand new Brandoni Mod. 65W Classic 3 Voice 72 Bass Piano Accordion earlier today.

We would like to wish Michael many happy hours playing this beautiful instrument.

Yvonne McGinley from Co Donegal called in to view the Mod65W. Yvonne was very impressed with the accordion. She found there to be a great response on the keyboard, great tone and excellent balance between the bass and treble end.


We met up with Declan Wilson and JD McLaughlin in Letterkenny at Oireachtas Rince Uladh. Check out Declan's reaction to the wonderful keyboard action on the Mod 65....


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